February 18th

Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent AVE.

So yesterday we performed a Otto’s Schrunken head. It’s a tiki bar where they play nothing but hard rock music. And they serve strange cocktails like the “Schrunken Shirt”. In the back room there’s a small stage where bands perform on and on every single night. When we arrived the place was almost empty. So we put our stuff up and got ready. After playing the first song the room started to fill up. The applause got louder every song and by the end of our set the room was full of people. A woman came to me and asked what nights we are still open. She wanted us to book on sunday and made a call immediately. After the show we did a photo shoot on the streets with Jason Thompson, a photagrapher who Rebecca knows.ottos4ottos3ottos2ottos1Photos by Jason Thompson
Tonight we are going to Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn (Williamsburg). It’s a trendy place in the student area. Some of our new friends of the Bowery Poetry Club will be there, so we’re real exited to go. We will have Juggernut performing in our set. This guy is really cool check him out on his myspace. www.myspace.com/juggernutnyc

5 Responses to “February 18th”

  1. Ivo Says:

    Yo Didric,

    Kick some ass daar in NYC!


  2. Tjeu en Jeanette Says:

    we like the show very much

  3. Tjeu en Jeanette Says:


  4. Krasimira and Tony Says:

    Hey guys, lot of success! Hey Jan, me and our daughter miss you very much! Big fat kiss!

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