February 17th

Otto’s Schrunken Head
538 East 14th St.
Wow, yesterday at the Bowery Poetry Club, we kicked ass!! We had no idea what to expect. We were the house band so we played after every three perfomances on the open mic night. And the other acts were singer songwriters and spoken word performers. So then we came and played Slowdown… wham, they loved it.
Just before our second song, Angry Bob, a long hair bearded guy, big as a house spoke n a rage of foul language to the crowd. That warmed up the room. So we played some more songs and at the end we closed down the night. When we played  Sweet Saliva, the crowd really went wild. The words of this song that are almost too edgy in every other situation. Here this was just what the people wanted I suppose. Rawness. Anyway afterwards they shouted for more… And so we did.
After the show everybody came to talk to us and gave us drinks. The bartender gave us whiskey and Jagermeister (he thought that’s a Dutch thing) Thank god we could walk home.
Now we are going to prepare for Otto’s tonight. Rebecca’s arranged a Photagrapher for a photoshoot somewhere in NYC today or tomorrow so we’ll see what happens.back2homeposters

3 Responses to “February 17th”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Have fun guys! En even een camera kopen voor nog meer filmpjes please… kunnen we jullie nog beter volgen around the globe!

  2. Tjeu en Jeanette Says:

    We like yunk beat

  3. Tjeu en Jeanette Says:

    Super!! jullie te kunnen volgen.

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