February 15th

First gig in NYC 8)

The Delancy was a cool place. We were confronted with the differences between P.A. systems in Europe and had to adapt our system. And the guitar amp had not the sound we  are used to so we had to work extra hard to impress the crowd. But we did.

The people responded very well to our sound that must have been totally strange to them. Anyway they definitely liked it.

After wards we went out for drinks in the Bowery Poetry Club. Great atmosphere, lot’s of nice arty people, all Rebecca’s friends.  At the end the Brooklyn Brew together with the jet lag and on top of that some shots of whiskey knocked us out.

Outside the Delancy


2 Responses to “February 15th”

  1. JPK - Breed Says:

    Yo Junkbeat,

    If you can make it there…

    Congratz on your 1st NYC Gig. Way to go!
    Powerful techrock straight from the sewers of Amsterdam.

    Good luck on the rest of the shows.

    JPK – Breed

  2. JPK - Breed Says:

    Rock on!

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